Community Union Organizers

What: A central goal of the TCWC is to work to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions for low-wage workers in the local retail and service sectors. In order to implement this goal, we have created a leadership group of retail and service sector workers called the Community Union Organizers (CUOs). The CUOs are active community representatives, outreach workers and organizers for the TCWC.

Description: We are both upholding the social contract as it presently exists with regards to worker/labor rights as well as “raising the bar” with regards to those rights when we find that the social contract  DOESN’T measure up to what we collectively think is right, as modeled on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically Economic Human Rights, which was ratified by the United Nations in 1948. To uphold that contract, we need the participation of workers, employers, consumers, and government. In other words, you.

Why: To achieve deeper, more long-lasting, and systemic change, we believe that we must start with encouraging workers to stand up for themselves and each other in the workplace and beyond to demand that which is rightfully theirs. We encourage, support, and help to deepen grassroots leaders’ (or would be leaders) organizing skills to create change in their own and others’ lives.

To learn more about how to become a Community Union Organizer, please contact the Workers’ Center at 607-269-0409 or