The Need for OSHA Reform

The Protecting Workers Alliance was established in early 2009 with the goal of bringing together the nation’s major advocates for worker health and safety in a common effort to advance worker safety and health protections. In January, 2009 they released a policy agenda entitled “Protecting Workers on the Job: Seven Priorities for Federal action in 2009.”

Why do we need a stronger OSHA?

Because workers need protection from the hazards on our jobs. For too long, OSHA has been too friendly to the companies and hasn’t done enough to make sure our jobs are safe. We go in every day to put in an honest day’s work to support our families and we expect to come home safe and healthy. But it seems like the OSHA law doesn’t have the teeth to make companies take health and safety seriously. We need a strong OSHA to make sure that we can do our jobs knowing that we will be safe.

The Protecting Workers on the Job agenda focuses on seven points:

  • Put Worker Health and Safety First
  • Ensure Health and Safety Protections for All Workers
  • Count all Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
  • Increase Worker Participation
  • Eliminate Disparities
  • Reform Workers’ Compensation Programs
  • Reduce or Eliminate Widespread use of Toxic Chemicals