“Life with Living Wage” by John Hutchinson

Everybody wants and likes to work with a livable wage. The livable wage in Tompkins County, New York is $14.34 per hour at this time.

Currently, the livable wage is enjoyed by county workers and does not include everybody who lives in the county. If I was working for this wage, there would be no doubt that I too would be better off than at present because I am single and do not have any children to care for. The income flowin ginto my coffers would be useful in paying the necessary expenses, which include rent and utilities. There would be money left over for food which I would stockpile for winter, and any other inclement weather conditions.

Also, I would spend more time shopping at Walmart, where I could afford new clothes to replace the worn and tattered older garments which I have worn for quite some time. I would be more altruistic towards others in that I would contribute to charities on occasion. I would make donations to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the SPCA to help out our furry, four-legged friends.

As well as bills and charities which use up a chunk of change, I could devote more time and effort for recreational pursuits. There would be cash for bowling and golf which are my favorite hobbies. The more I practiced, the better I would play.

There would be money to pay for repairs for my car which is fourteen years old and tends to need repairs every few months. As cars cost a lot, paying for insurance, registration, gasoline and license plate fees would be less demanding on my bank accounts and credit cards.

Some money would be put aside in one or more savings accounts in some of the local banking institutions that I do business with. As I continued to work and earn, I would have the satisfaction of increasing these accounts on a weekly and or bi-weekly basis. Some money would possibly be available for investing in precious metals which would one day go up in value, primarily gold and silver coins and bullion. I am of the strong belief that everybody needs to prepare for the future.

Finally, a livable wage would have an even better effect on me besides having a few extra dollars to spend. The livable wage would have the added benefit of instilling in me a greater amount of pride and accomplishment. A job which pays well would aspire to work harder and work well. It would by far give me a better attitude and better work ethic towards the work I do. I would tend to have greater confidence whenever I budget or itemized revenues and expenditures. There is no doubt in my mind that $14.34 an hour, when multiplied by a number of set hours, yields a good sum that I know is coming my way, and thus contributes to my sense of security and well being. If money does not buy happiness, like some people say, it still comes pretty close to that.


by John Hutchinson