“The 15 Dollar Dream” by Chris Georgardoudakis:

When I go out in public each day

I think myself smart and in my own way – a good decent man.

But for show right now, I don’t have much to put forth. Though

I want that for me and each family friend to somehow

Earn a “Living Wage”.


If I could make that grade as soon as they would – I’d feel

Happy and satisfied. Now, I’d be respectful. Outside respected. Oh my! Oh my!

My esteem would wave high and for sure my work attitude – be better directed.

Today, in my mind I’d do extra and for each task complete with the

Thank you – my response would not be neglected.


When break-time comes I’d sit politely socializing – both checking messages

And chit-chatting-with others. First about our job duties

And work orders. Then, on my time happily concerned – I’d phone family

With plans. Or message my children to check about school.

As this I would now be able to afford to do. It’s the 15 dollar dream. Inside.


After lunch and after all breaks I’d know the game plan.

My mind would stay positive and my attitude focused – concentrating

To finish my job. As my now respected attitude and sense of detail

Finally, finally is rewarded with pay! Then if staff finds somethign

I’ve forgotten to do or my mistake, I’d say – I’d certainly do it your way.


Now shift over I’d be able to stop and breathe. Looking around outside

I’d see a life ahead. Not misty and iffy but real as I’d have money

With which to lie. As I had been ruling things out, I now could buy

Something extra to eat or take the children somewhere to do.

Or save money for what I think I could do again – with someone elite.


So, in the end, with shoulders high and an honest smile on my face

I feel a sense of pride as I’m making a “Living Wage”. A job with pay at a union wage.

One to like and keep. A family lifestyle I’m really thankful for where I can clothe

And feed my three. All from an employer who now respects my work sweat. All day standing

And bending my knees. My wage! My wage! I feel good inside. The 15 dollar dream


by Chris Georgaroudakis