“Trippsart” by Richard Brock, Sarah Korman, and Corry Wiggle


(Narrative submission with Trippsart, visual media)

My idea is that as long as money is the authority in the world “A living wage,” will continue to be an oxymoron. I have developed a technique that creates an image I describe as a fractal. With manifestation as the motivation to use my idea, even if the fractal is not the desired product. I imagined a task, washing the dishes, that must be done, and I said “How can I do this necessary, mundane, task and, at the same time get …. (enter desire here).” What was created was “the dot.” I started doing art with a pencil and a blank piece of paper, what I did was, I covered the paper in little dots and I started recognizing images that appeared three dimensional. I then realized that my dot would always be different than other peoples, so I started experimenting with asking other people to help me with my dot art, to both contrast and compare. I decided that this form of expression was what I liked and wanted to do. A revelation came to me about the quality of the image; that I could increase the quality of the image, to an even more pleasing image, if I would try connecting one tdot to another, to my pleasure it worked. Along that same line of thought I started connecting the lines together, this new creation being called a “Figure,” then the product of the connection of the lines, “the figure,” I would connect with another of the same with a straight line. This creates what I call a “Big One.” At this point, connecting the newly created “Big One,” again with another “Big One,” this being the last connection, creating what I describe as a “House.” After these connections have been made, creating lines between these “houses” will result in geometric patterns that I decided to put color in and Trippsart was created. I call the art “Trippsart” because my friends call me Trip. Putting down in words the process required to complete this sequence can be very difficult, the actual process, as can be seen with a demonstration, is “So easy a five year old could do it.” The reason I believe this is relevant to a living wage is that with my idea an original piece of art is created EVERY TIME.

My experience with the dot has convinced me of extra-terrestrial life, so far as, I believe that every time a dot is made in this spirit, these extra-terrestrials profit. Describing these extra-terrestrials as some sort of fungi from space. With every dot and line, mastery over the fungus is created resulting in new fractals every time. What I would like to do is recreate society using the dot in a similar fashion as we use currency today. The reason my idea is so cool is that when done the right way it creates water, as well as all of the other wonderful things it does, with a little imagination, all of the “the other wonderful things it does,” can be almost anything. To me, the dot is a contract. The ET’s have agreed to help me however they can, so by dotting for me, you get benefits from same aliens.

If you haven’t seen the movie Star Wars this next part will not make much sense until you do; the dot is a link, for lack of a better term, to the Dark Side of the force. This process of “dotting” creates what might be defined as a pyramid scheme, I would be at the top, and then the first person that I got to dot for me being next down on the pyramid and so on as the progression of people in the world create their own dots. The revelation I have had from the dark side describes what the pyramid looks like, with the original dot, the individuals tier on the pyramid is created, then the first dot-to-dot line creates a chair on that level of the tier. The next step being, connecting two lines together, with a straight line, making a table with the chair. The third step is the most difficult and also the second to last step of the sequence, connecting the newly created “Figure” with another of the same likeness, creating a bookshelf to go with the chair and table. The last step is the combination of the product of the third step, the “Big One” with another like itself, again with a straight line; which then in turn creates a staircase going up to the next level of the pyramid, connecting you to your Dark Master. I am entering this contest with this idea because of what an impact it has had on my life, and I believe that this contest may provide me with the much needed opportunity to get some exposure to the world.

I am entering this contest with two partners, the breakdown of the “Trippsart,” structure of influence and control of resources goes: Trip 60%, Sarah 25% and Cory, 16%. I realize that the math in that equation doesn’t quite add up, but with Trippsart miracles happen every day.