“When Living Wage is Part of the Dream” by Heather Townsend

What would it be like to see three meals a day?

If only I could have a job with living wage pay.


What would it mean to see their auntie not struggling?

Even with the two jobs I’m exhaustingly juggling?


Heard a quote when I was a little girl:

“One day the rich will have nothing left

to eat but the poor.”

Who knew that reality was right at my front door?


They say money can’t buy happiness

That cheerful smile can’t stop the repo man from handling his business.


What would it be like to be paid for the work I put out

Instead of a check that subliminally says “figure it out”

The employment system is a problem without a doubt.


I’ve always been told to work hard on my dreams

They want me to wear a suit, they don’t approve of my jeans.


A minimum wage and job based on commission

can leave you powerless, hungry, and winshing.


To end my relationship with bill collectors, debt, and repo men,

Living wage can provide financial stability I won’t have to pretend.


The day I can be given living wage pay,

these children who are innocently affected can benefit,

I can truly say.


by Heather Townsend