Gabriella Carr, Operations Manager

Gabriella is thrilled to be joining TCWC as the operations manager! Gabriella came to Ithaca over a decade ago and received her Bachelor of Arts in theatre studies from Ithaca College. Gabriella worked full time while completing school in many local hospitality and service industry spots. Gabriella’s experience in unfair and illegal work place conditions as well as bearing witness to the discrimination and mistreatment her immigrant mother faced in the workplace throughout her life has made her passionate about workers rights. Gabriella is a proud queer latinx mixed race woman. Gabriella is committed to the dream of the Beloved Community, working towards dismantling systems of oppression to create a society free of poverty, hunger and hatred. Gabriella also serves as the artistic associate at Civic Ensemble, Co-Director of the ReEntry Theatre Program and as a theater and music educator in the Ithaca City School District.