TC Workers’ Rights Center Assists Workers (Cayuga Millworks) in Recovering Unpaid Wages

The New York State Attorney General has launched an investigation of Cayuga Millwork, a Freeville custom woodworking company. The investigation follows a complaint from an employee with the assistance of the Workers’ Rights Center.

Workers at Cayuga Millwork report a pattern of non-payment of wages and bounced checks. The problems had been going on for a number of months before the Workers’ Rights Center and Attorney General’s office were notified. Approximately 20 workers were employed at the company.

“We are calling on former Cayuga Millwork employees who have not been paid for their work to come forward,” said Carl Feuer, Workers’ Rights Center organizer. “Any claims for unpaid wages should be filed now.”

Subsequent to the Attorney General’s investigation, Cayuga Millwork reportedly filed for bankruptcy. Cayuga Millwork is owned by Jack Roscoe. Lee Van Houten of Holmberg, Galbraith, Van Houten & Associates is representing the company.

Contact: NYS Assistant Attorney General James Versocki, 212/416-6146