Workers’ Center Presents 2,207 Signatures to Governor Spitzer at First Health Care Hearing, Wednesday, September 5th, Continuing to Agitate for ‘Single-Payer/Universal Health Care’ system

The Workers’ Center, in collaboration with the TC Health Care Task Force, has agitated, beginning with Gubernatorial debate last fall at Cornell University between present Governor Spitzer and his Republican opponent, for a ‘single-payer/universal health care’ system.

We have had an ongoing petition that 2, 207 people have signed strongly urging our Governor, Assemblypeople, and State Senators to create a system of health care that would truly work for everyone. If you would like to sign this petition, please go to The petition is ongoing.

In July, Governor Spitzer announced that his office (through the NYS Departments of Health and Insurance) would hold five public hearings around the State of New York to “solicit input on the development of proposals for achieving health system reform, increasing access to health insurance coverage and moving toward universal healthcare coverage in New York”.

The Workers’ Center, in collaboration with the Tompkins County Health Care Task Force, will be in attendance at the first hearing, this coming Wednesday, September 5 in Glens Falls, where Spitzer will be in attendance. Of note, we intend to organize transportation for the Syracuse hearing on November 13th. Please let us know if you’re interested in coming to Syracuse!