The Occupational Health Clinical Center offers help for the Injured or Ill Worker

Hazards can exist in any workplace, from schools to factories. Some workers suffer from chemical exposures and others are stressed by repetitive tasks. Whatever the cause of workplace illness or injury, low wage earners are frequently more affected than other workers because they don’t have affordable access to medical evaluation and treatment.

Fortunately, workers in Central New York have the resources and advocacy of the Occupational Health Clinical Center (OHCC) of Syracuse to help them deal with occupational illness. OHCC, a state-supported facility, can offer accurate, independent diagnosis of work-related illness. For an injured worker, the Workers’ Compensation process can be difficult: OHCC helps the worker through this stressful period. The Tompkins County Workers’ Center is working hard to let all workers in our community know about this great resource.

A team of occupational medicine specialists, an industrial hygienist, social worker, nurses and other trained staff provide a variety of services at OHCC. The staff can diagnose a worker by taking their medical and occupational history, testing and conducting physical examinations. They can offer referrals for local treatment plans and offer the services of a social worker to assist with the Workers’ Comp process. The OHCC industrial hygienist can also help prevent or lessen workplace injuries by helping modify the workplace so that it is less hazardous to workers.

Of course, all contact with OHCC is completely confidential. Most forms of health insurance typically cover a sizeable portion of fees for a visit. For those without insurance, a sliding scale fee is available. OHCC makes every effort to prevent cost from being a barrier to their services.

It is evident when you meet the OHCC staff that they are some of the most devoted worker advocates you will ever meet, kind and genuinely concerned about worker justice. If you have an injury or illness that is workplace related, give OHCC a call at 800-432-9590 to arrange an appointment. Tell them the Tompkins County Workers’ Center sent you!