Sad News about 5414, Good News for Amber

As it turns out, the Assembly Labor Committee did not put A5414, The Healthy Workplace Bill, aside for further consideration: they threw it in the wastebasket, letting down New York’s workers and the NYS Senate. I am terribly disappointed that Labor Chair Susan John was not able to show the necessary leadership on this issue. You can read more at the Workplace Bullying Institute’s blog.

Rest assured that the Workers’ Center will still be dedicated to working on this issue. Stay tuned for future posts on workplace bullying.


From Democracy Now!

Fired Massey Coal Miner Files Whistleblower Complaint

A West Virginia coal miner has filed a whistleblower complaint with the Labor Department, alleging that he was fired after he made comments about safety conditions at mines owned by Massey Energy. Ricky Lee Campbell was fired on April 23, less than two weeks after an explosion at Massey’s Upper Big Branch Mine killed twenty-nine. A number of other Massey coal miners have also complained that they have faced retaliation for reporting safety problems.


And to end on a very positive note, the good news for Amber Little and her sons Max and Kai is that they are in fact getting their beautiful new Habitat for Humanity home.

I’m sure you remember that after Amber lost her job at CostCutters, the home that she had invested hundreds of hours in was threatened. (Her mortgage depended on a steady work history.) Luckily, everything has worked out.

Habitat for Humanity of Tompkins and Cortland Counties is holding a home dedication ceremony at Amber’s new home at 100 Breed Road, Locke NY 13092 on June 13th at 2:00 pm. Congratulations, Amber!