Skurrying around like the proverbial chickens…

Yes, our bus trip is making the ol’ WC a zippy place currently! but in a good way, I think. There’s a frisson of excitement coming through the phone these days. People seem to be hungry for the opportunity — again — to give ’em an earful. Demand the change we voted for! Git on the bus!

I thought I’d share a story with you about a comment that was left on this blog. Took me a minute of consideration about whether or not to allow it to be seen by my readers. Free speech and all. My own personal political beliefs (which I will leave unexplained) do not usually allow me to deny people their right to expression.

However, I decided not to print it as written. Hey: get your own damn blog.

Here’s the background: an arch-conservative website quoted our blog post’s explanation of the UAW footing the bill for our bus trip. They more than implied that we were somehow ‘forcing’ people to meet at 1:15 in the morning, go on a 6+ hour bus trip south, slog to downtown DC on the Metro and tramp a mile to the Lincoln Memorial to stand for 5 hours in the (possible) rain or fog. Then, do it all again, in reverse. The free boxed lunch would somehow be an incentive for people to do this against their will.

Interesting, no? If people will put up with a 22 hour trip for a boxed lunch, things are pretty danged awful in this country, aren’t they? And even more intriguing: they somehow found this blog and quoted it. I suppose we have achieved what is the wetdream of many bloggers.

But I decided to not open up the whole can of worms of nasty comments on the blog. We don’t want to become another Ithaca Journal talk-back site.


Mark your Calendars for October 10th, 2010!

We’ll have more on this event next week when we can breathe again, but I wanted to let you know about a fundraiser for us that will be held 10.10.10 from 2 pm til late, late, late at the Haunt in Ithaca. The Bright Spark Electronic Punk Folk Festival will feature many incredible local and not-so-local bands and performers including [our space’s own] Rye-n-Clover, Richie Stearns, Jennie Lowe Stearns, Johnny Dowd, Ken Hallett, Pat Burke, Elsa & the awesomeAwesomes, Keir Neuringer and the host band, Atomic Forces. Check out the link above to see the entire line up.

Come out to support local musicians and the Workers Center. We’ll be there with our tablefull of literature.