If you haven’t had enough bus rides to DC…

It is gratifying to hear that so many of our three-busfuls of folks enjoyed the trip to Washington DC to attend the October 2nd One Nation Working Together rally. In fact, there were messages waiting on voicemail Monday morning after the rally trip asking if we are organizing buses for Jon Stewart’s October 30th Rally to Restore Sanity. The answer, not surprisingly, is No. Although we think that the rally will most likely be smart and fun, organizing and orchestrating buses — not to mention, paying for them — is hard work.

I’ve heard rumors that Ariana Huffington offered to pay for buses from anywhere people could organize a group large enough to fill a bus. I’ve heard that she has offered buses for everyone who makes it to her office building in New York City (a google search came up with 560 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 but I wouldn’t bet my life on it) by a certain time the morning of the 30th. Those are rumors, however, that I can’t substantiate. Please share if you know the truth about these offers.

The bottom line is, alas, we don’t have the resources to organize for this trip.

So I’m asking, are you going? If so, please share your photos and stories about the rally with us. There are many people hungering for some first-person stories of The Rally to Restore Sanity and Fear.