Trying to keep bullying in your sight

A couple of interesting reads have crossed my path (or should I say computer monitor?) today. One describes a new law in Serbia that bans bullying in the workplace. Since the passage of the law a month ago, authorities have had about 400 complaints. Does this surprise? Not anyone whose attention has been grabbed by news from the noxious pool of workplace bullying. It’s interesting to note that what was surprising to the Serbian governmental agency that fields the complaints, was that so many employees were so knowledgeable about that new law. Congratulations, targets of Serbian workplace bullyers.

Another story about the dangers of bullying, and this is more surprising, is written as advice for the businessperson themselves. Business Week’s Karen E. Klein writes in Don’t Tolerate a Bullying Manager ‘No matter how valuable they may seem to a small business, if [bullies] can’t stop driving people away, they aren’t worth keeping.’