Extend Unemployment Benefits!

Our friends at NELP, the National Employment Law Project, have created a website for job-searching people. called Unemployed Workers. We’re asking you to go there, employed or not, and sign the petition, urging Congress to extend Unemployment benefits for those workers who are threatened with their loss this November 30. According to the site, “Combined with state benefits, the expanded federal unemployment programs kept an estimated 3.3 million Americans out of poverty in 2009.”

While you’re signing the petition, watch the video ‘Save the Lifeline of America.’ Interspersed with stories from real unemployed workers are clips of those who oppose unemployment benefits, like Orrin Hatch and Rush Limbaugh. Did you know that it is unemployment benefits alone that are keeping most out-of-work people from getting jobs? that most of us who receive benefits are buying drugs with those benefits? That’s what Rush and Orrin think.

Sign that petition: it’s the least we can do!