Workers’ Issues in the News

The press is ablaze with stories about workers’ issues right now; I thought we’d share a few with you.

First off, Ithaca College’s Buzzsaw magazine had an article by Lyndsey Lyman about the realities of living without an adequate income, Battling the Poverty Line: the modern paradox of life without a living wage. Image to the right from Buzzsaw, by Lauren Connelly.

The Baltimore Sun’s Don’t Let Employers Rob Their Workers is another chapter in the Wage Theft book, published for the National Day of Action last week.

Peter Enns, assistant professor of government at Cornell, and Nathan Kelly of the University of Tennessee, released results from research on the political beliefs of the poor in the US. According to his findings, in the US, lower income levels make people more conservative. You can read the report about the study, Low Incomes Make Poor More Conservative, on the Cornell Chronicle site.

You can read the results of the 2010 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute at their website. Statistics concerning the support for workplace bullying laws are also included in the study.

Enjoy your reading!