Become a Monthly Sustainer of the Tompkins County Workers’ Center!

Who is looking out for the local worker? The Tompkins County Workers’ Center [TCWC] is, and we can only do it with your help! We are asking for your support right now to strengthen our work in our community and with local workers. Consider becoming a Monthly Sustainer of our work and/or a one-time donor!! Click on this link to find out how to Donate!

• Whether it is the caller to our Workers’ Rights Hotline who feels bullied at work by being constantly ‘put down’ by a supervisor, or unfairly terminated in the workplace;

• Whether it is supporting Milton Webb and Stanley McPherson doing the hard work that most of us would not want to do at the County’s Recycling Facility for less than a living wage, and then supporting the awesome leadership role they took with us in alerting the County that there are many workers doing County business who are making poverty wages;

• Whether it is Hotel Ithaca (formerly Holiday Inn) bringing 13 J-I Visa student workers from abroad to work as housekeepers, in what is billed as a cultural exchange program for the students. This lowers the floor on wages locally and also means these jobs won’t become permanent jobs for Tompkins County residents. (Hotel Ithaca, incidentally, receives public economic development assistance);

• Whether it is the Ithaca, Lansing, or Dryden restaurant workers having their tips stolen by the owners and managers of their restaurant.

• Whether working at McDonalds; Wal-Mart; Hotel Ithaca; the School District; the County’s Solid Waste Recycling Facility; or Cornell, we all need to be paid a Living Wage and be treated with dignity in our workplaces.