What’s Good Ithaca and Tompkins County Workers Rights Hotline

We are blessed in Tompkins County to have a new website, What’s Good Ithaca, that is doing a great job of highlighting people, businesses, and projects working towards positive change locally. In the most recent edition of What’s Good Ithaca, our Tompkins County Workers’ Center’s (TCWC) Workers Rights Hotline is featured. Please do click on this link to check it out what we feel at the TCWC is one of the best representations we’ve seen yet of what our Hotline accomplishes! (Pictures are taken from our TCWC Community Celebration of 2014 Victories several weeks ago).

After you have checked out What’s Good Ithaca, please then consider making either a one-time donation to keep the Hotline alive and growing; OR consider becoming a Monthly Sustainer of our work. Knowing that we have a steady stream of resources coming in to fund our work is invaluable to help free us up to DO the work!