Thursday, May 28th @ 4:30: Know Your Rights Training on Finding and Keeping Employment After a Criminal Conviction

Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc., and the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, are co-facilitating a presentation and discussion focusing on ways to reduce barriers to employment for those who were formerly incarcerated. Please join us at the Tompkins County Library’s Borg Warner Room on May 28th from 4:30pm-6pm. All are welcome.

In most cases it is illegal to discriminate against employees and/or job applicants based on prior criminal conviction, and we hope that in sharing our knowledge we can help support successful reentry efforts in our community.

  • 80% of employers now run criminal background checks before hiring job applicants
  • Excluding people with criminal convictions from employment and fair pay segregates and marginalizes our communities
  • In New York, people with criminal convictions are protected by law from employment discrimination, including: blanket policies against hiring people with felony or theft convictions