Winners of Living Wage Visioning Contest Announced: ALL Actual Entries Published

The Tompkins County Workers’ Center held its Celebration of all eighteen (18) entries that people submitted who entered our first-ever Living Wage Visioning Contest on Friday, October 7th. Contestants who live and/or work in Tompkins County, NY,  were asked to produce an original creative work that gave artistic voice to their vision of how their life and the life of their family would change if they were paid a Living Wage. (To see an excellent video and story as created by Kelsey O’Connor of the Ithaca Journal of the Contest and its winners, go here.)

1st Prize Winner ($1,250): Leslie Prunty: “My World Is Very Small”


2nd Prize Winner ($750): April Krueger and Iain Michael: “Princess Eloise and the Magical Living Wage”


3rd Prize Winner (2 Tied, $250 each): Stephanie Harris: “Living Wage and Reclaiming My Humanity”

3rd Prize Winner (2 Tied, $250 each): Tal Mintz: “Pride”

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Runner-Up: Teresa Behan: “Living Wage Song”

Runner-Up: Richard Brock, Sarah Korman, and Corry Wiggle: “Trippsart”

Runner-Up: Shonntay Butler: “Living Wage”

Runner-Up: Elliott DeLine: “If I Made a Living Wage”

Runner-Up: Chris Georgardoudakis: “The 15 Dollar Dream”

Runner-Up: John Gunn: “a eulogy for momma”

Runner-Up: Caleb William Haines: “Occitan Sonnet to a Dying Wage”

Runner-Up: Travis Howard: “Here Nor There”

Runner-Up: John Hutchinson: “Life with Living Wage

Runner-Up: Jason Kinsey: “Upgrade”

Runner-Up: Bailey Olmstead: “$12,000”

Runner-Up: Spiral Cracks (Remanu Steele, Briel Driscoll, and Rosette Epstein): “Thank You”

Runner-Up: Heather Townsend: “When Living Wage is Part of the Dream”

Runner-Up: Lilith Xseraph: “Reflections on Labor and the Divine”