Please Help Ithaca College Faculty Who May Strike

Please consider taking this important Call to Action from the Ithaca College Contingent Faculty Union:

Workers across the U.S. are under attack. More and more are forced to work without job security, benefits, and adequate pay, while a tiny elite reaps enormous rewards from our labor. This is true in the political and corporate sector as well as academia, and our new national leadership under President Trump will only make matters worse. At Ithaca College, top administrators earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while contingent professors are paid a pittance and treated as expendable commodities, to be hired and fired at will.

This is why contingent faculty at Ithaca College formed a union two years ago. Our aim is to have a contract which reflects the priorities that the majority of contingent faculty asked for: one that prioritizes a student-centered Ithaca College, creates more stability for contingent faculty and students, and provides a pathway to equal pay for equal work.

You can help us! Send a letter to Ithaca College Vice President Pringle and the Board of Trustees to let them know you support us.

If the contingent faculty’s call for a fair contract continues to be ignored, we stand ready to take more drastic action. Depending on the progress of negotiations, we will be announcing a plan to hold a vote to authorize a strike.

We don’t want it to come to this. Please follow this link to send a letter to the Ithaca College Board of Trustees asking them to settle a fair contract that respects students and faculty:

Thank you for your help.

In unity,

Tom Schneller, Ithaca College Music Theory, History, and Composition Lecturer