BREAKING NEWS: Three Ithaca Starbucks Stores Now UNIONIZED

The NLRB votes were just tabulated from each of the three Starbucks in Ithaca: South Meadow Street location in Tops Plaza; the Seneca Street location in downtown Ithaca; and the Collegetown location.

A total of 50 ballots were cast at the three stores (not including three unresolved ballots). The votes in each of the locations were:

  • South Meadow Street: 13-1 in favor of unionizing;
  • Seneca Street: 15-1 in favor of unionizing;
  • Collegetown: 19-1 in favor of unionizing

This is a grand total of 47 of 50 votes, or 94%! A huge win for Starbucks workers, for Ithaca and Tompkins County workers, and for the movement to organize Starbucks ACROSS THE COUNTRY!