Workers’ Center Announces Support for Employee Free Choice Act–SIGN THE PETITION

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The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is a law to make it easier for men and women to form and/or join a union, when they choose to in their workplace. It is supported by many national leaders (including President-Elect Barack Obama), but opposed by rich corporate elites. It needs the support of working people like us in order to be passed by Congress in the next few months.

EFCA is critical because it will help working families and communities by leading to higher wages and more benefits on the job. It is a fact that workers with unions earn significantly more and have more benefits that workers who do not have unions. There are lots of examples of this right in our community.

EFCA gives workers a free choice and a fair chance to join unions in the workplace. With a union we have more rights and dignity in the workplace, and can bargain with our employers and demand better pay, health care and pensions and build a better life for ourselves and our families.

EFCA also strengthens the role of working families and those who speak for us in government, and will make it more possible to pass other good laws promoting workersrights, human needs and the environment, and to reign in the out-of-control corporations. EFCA will do this by increasing the number of working men and women in unions, and allowing unions a more equal footing with corporations in our society.

You can support EFCA by calling the Workers’ Center (269-0409) and asking us to add your name to the petition (269-0409) or do it yourself at