Over 100 Attend Lakeside Informational Picket; Send a Fax on Behalf of Workers and Residents!

Over 100 people (Lakeside workers, Lakeside residents, caregivers, and community members) attended the Informational Picket on Friday and Saturday in front of Lakeside Nursing Home in Ithaca in some crazy cold weather!

Please consider taking action on behalf of the over 140 workers at Lakeside Nursing Home in Ithaca who are demanding higher wages and better working conditions by going to http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/supportlakesideworkers to send a fax to the President of Peregrine Health Management Company (owner of Lakeside), Steve Bowman, in Syracuse.

Working conditions are dire, for both the workers at Lakeside, as well as the residents. With no raise in over three years, close to half the workforce (including CNA’s, food service workers, RN’s and others) are not being paid a Living Wage as defined by Alternatives Federal Credit Union (due to be updated in spring ’09), and are the lowest-paid nursing home employees in Tompkins County.

Workers at Lakeside have to pay excessive amounts of money for an inferior insurance plan, have forced overtime imposed, work a very difficult job in unsafe conditions, frequently work without adequate staffing and have to deal with huge turnover. Lakeside workers need a fair contract and we can help them get it!