The Living Wage WORKS for Tompkins County Small Businesses: Sweet Land Farm CSA

Evangeline Sarat brings a powerful passion to operating her CSA, Sweet Land Farm in Trumansburg, NY. Being a Living Wage Employer is all part of her commitment to a truly healthy, sustainable community.

I had no choice but to be a Living Wage Employer. I have a passion for farming, a vision of what life is. Being a farmer can be an all-consuming life. The employees allow me time to also have a life with my children, ages 7 and 12. They are helping me grow vibrant, healthy food in a healthy farming system. It only makes sense to me that they are supported. How could I not create opportunities for them to support themselves?”

Evangeline Sarat, Owner of Sweet Land Farm CSA in Trumansburg, NY. (Photo: Joan Lockwood)

Her employees share her vision.

“Not only does Sweet Land grow amazing produce and work to make their products financially accessible, by paying a Living Wage, Sweet Land is a sustainable job creator. How many companies work to accomplish these three things? Being a member of Sweet Land Farm is more than just a share, it is an opportunity to have access to nutritious food while also supporting others in the community through having Living Wage employment and supporting a local food system that makes healthy food accessible to so many more. ” Sasha Salayda

Sweet Land is located 9732 State Road 96, Trumansburg, and can be contacted at 607.793.1566 or