Saturday, 11-5: National Kids and Families Day of Action: Join TCWC to Stand Against Verizon’s Corporate Greed!

Please join the Tompkins County Workers’ Center (TCWC) as we stand together against corporate greed and in support of middle class jobs in solidarity with workers from CWA (Communications Workers of America) who are on strike at Verizon. Their battle is our battle too and they need our help. (See fact sheet here.)

Less than a week ago, the TCWC began it’s ongoing solidarity support with the CWA which we ALSO see as building a public and community space for the larger labor movement (both organized and un-organized) to gather together. The excitement at these ‘actions’ is palpable.

We will be standing with these workers and against corporate greed at the Verizon Wireless store in Ithaca, NY (only one of four corporately-owned stores in the Southern Tier), 720 S. Meadow Street in the Tops Plaza at the following times:

· Saturday, May 21, 11-2 pm (National Kids Day Picket)

· Saturday, May 21, 2-5 pm (National Kids Day Picket)

VZ Kids

· Tuesday, May 24, 6-8 pm

· Wednesday, May 25, 6-8 pm

· Thursday, May 26, 6-8 pm

· Saturday, May 28, 11-2 pm

· Saturday, May 28, 2-5 pm

· Tuesday, May 31, 6-8 pm

· Wednesday, June 1st, 6-8 pm

· Thursday, June 2nd, 6-8 pm

(Verizon workers ON STRIKE will be picketing every weekday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will welcome your joining their times as well)

Please RSVP now to or 607-269-0409 to sign up for one or more shifts to help in this huge struggle for good middle class jobs.

Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia (including those in Tompkins County and throughout the east – 40,000 in all) are on strike because management refuses to back off its demands that would destroy good jobs. Verizon is a stunningly profitable and greedy corporation ($39 billion in profits in last 3 years) that cares nothing about consumers and workers. Their only objective is to line the pockets of executives and drive up their Wall Street share price.       (** See detailed fact sheet here**)

The company’s proposals would gut job security protections, outsource work to low-wage contractors, shutter call centers and offshore the jobs to Mexico and the Philippines, freeze pensions at 30 years of service, and slash five sick days. If the workers don’t agree to all these givebacks, Verizon insists on the right to transfer workers away from their families for months at a time.

Please RSVP now to or 607-269-0409 to sign up for one or more shifts to help in this huge struggle for good middle class jobs.

Verizon is also refusing to bargain a fair first contract for Verizon Wireless retail workers who organized into the Communications Workers of America in 2014 and are among the lowest paid people at Verizon.