Wage Theft vs. Other Forms of Theft in the U.S.

We have way too many people who come to us @ the Tompkins County Workers’ Center have been the victim of Wage Theft. This image graphically lays out the monetary costs, on a national level, of Wage Theft as compared to the combination of ALL: 1) burglaries; 2) robberies; 3) larcenies; and 4) auto theft.

Sorta helps to put things into context, doesn’t it? If someone holds you up on the street for $20, that person is prolly going to jail/prison for how long? If the Owner of Green Cafe in Collegetown and NYC that we successfully closed down in 2010 gets away with over a $1 million in Wage Theft (no joke!), they TOTALLY get away with it!

Click on the picture below to see even more detail from the Economic Policy Institute (or click here).