GreenStar Settles on Unfair Labor Practices with NLRB

In an attempt to settle federal charges brought against it by workers, GreenStar Food Coop has officially agreed to post notices at its workplaces stating all the ways it will not interfere with union organizing efforts. The charges, all violations of federal law, were that:

  • A manager threatened employees after they signed a letter to management about a discharged employee.
  • A human resources manager also ordered employees to stop distributing union materials.
  • The same human resources manager also told an employee he or she could not discuss workplace concerns with other employees without discussing them with her first.

Details of the settlement can be found at the Ithaca Journal story posted this morning written by Matt Steecker, by clicking the direct link to the Ithaca Journal found in the headline below.

GreenStar, pro-union workers settle NLRB dispute at Ithaca co-op
by Matt Steecker, Ithaca Journal,