NY State Minimum Wage AND Tipped Wage Just Went Up!

New York State workers should check their pay stubs for the minimum wage increase that went into effect on December 31st, 2019. The majority of workers upstate should now be making $11.80/hour. More information on minimum wage increases across the State can be found here.

The tipped wage for restaurant tipped food service workers went up on 12/31/19 to $7.85/hour from $7.50/hour. If such workers do NOT end up making the full minimum wage, the restaurant must make up the difference.

AND, in an important new change, the tipped wage for a miscellaneous category of workers has been ELIMINATED! This class of workers includes: Nail Salon Workers, Hairdressers, Aestheticians, Car Wash Workers, Valet Parking Attendants, Door-Persons, & Tow Truck Drivers. This tipped wage will be gradually phased out beginning in June 2020; to be fully

phased out by 12/31/20.

For “Fast Food” workers minimum wage is now $13.75/hour. Fast food businesses are establishments with more than 30 locations nationally serving primarily food and drink without table service. More information on “What is Fast Food Establishment” and workers new hourly wage can be found here.

Tipped workers still make a “sub-minimum” wage ($7.85/hr) because they get tips. In 2018, the New York State Department of Labor held hearings, at which the TCWC testified, urging Gov. Cuomo to eliminate the tip credit.

If you have questions about the minimum wage or if you or someone you know isn’t being paid correctly feel free to reach out through the Workers’ Rights Hotline @ 607-269-0409 or email TCWRH@tcworkerscenter.org.

The Tompkins County Workers Center is committed to our campaign to Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage. Living Wage is $15.37/hour in Tompkins County. Become a Member today to help us build worker power toward fair wages and working condition for all of us. If you’re able, make a donation to support our work.