Join the Picket Lines to Support IC Teachers March 28-29: Volunteer Sign-Up HERE (with URL)

You may well have heard that a two day strike at Ithaca College (see FAQ) has now been called for March 28-29 by the 300+ contingent faculty, represented by SEIU Local 200. The most important gesture you can make is to show up at IC on March 28 and 29 taking a one or two hour shift on the picket lines, from 9:00-11:00am or 4:00-6:00pm. Please sign up here:

These professors – all precarious workers, uncertain from one term to the next if they will work, and the majority of them earning significantly below livable wages – have mustered the dignity, self-respect, and righteous indignation to demand equal pay for equal work with other IC faculty.

IC Alumni, students and parents: Please consider taking this specific Action:

Despite the union offering significant concessions during the course of negotiations, the IC management has refused the most basic demands for living wages and job security. Instead, according to Tom Schneller, a contingent professor of Music and union bargaining team member, IC is “…a predatory employer who is determined to keep contingent faculty at IC trapped in our current state of perpetual fear, insecurity and poverty.”

In face of strong solidarity among contingent faculty, and with IC students, IC management has responded with bullying, retaliation, illegal non-renewal of union activists, and strong threats against free speech and public assembly. Pursuing their legal right to withhold labor in order to resolve the negotiations impasse, the union remains open to any serious proposal from management that could avert a strike.
The most important gesture you can make

is to show up at IC on March 28 and 29

taking a one or two hour shift, from 9:00-11:00am or 4:00-6:00pm

You can sign up for such a shift here:

There will be picket lines in front of the major teaching buildings, and all faculty and students are all being asked to join the strike. Please click on the link above for the time/s you can do a shift. And feel free to contact Pete Meyers at the TCWC if you are have any questions. The Tompkins County Workers’ Center will help to coordinate community solidarity.